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3D Real Estate - A vision for real estate marketing

Building a positive city

Real estate developer 3D Real Estate is a trendsetter in the world of property redevelopment that guarantees a new future for valuable locations in the city. They are always innovative projects that have a positive impact upon the city. As 3D Real Estate’s permanent communications partner, we help them to creatively market those projects to the right target audience What follows is a selection of our joint ventures:

Project Academie in Ghent

3D Real Estate needed a partner with both expertise and creativity to promote its Academie project, a new area in the centre of Ghent. Our partnership was primarily focussed on creating an efficient and creative marketing process with a healthy combination of offline and online marketing. The seven subprojects, each with their own identity, have been on sale since February 2016, and 80% of the first phase has already been sold.

Check out the project website

Domaine de l’Observatoire in Uccle

Domaine de l’Observatoire is a majestic real estate development in the heart of Uccle, combining the charm of exclusive accommodation in the capital city with the beautiful landscaping of Wirtz. 3D Participaties and Beaufort House worked together on this highly successful reconversion project, and in order to give sales an extra boost they called on hooox. For this project we again implemented new marketing tools with the focus on generating leads digitally. Among other things, we used high tech virtual reality tools and simulations to convince potential buyers.

Check out the project website.

Gloria in Ypres

In Ypres we once again joined forces for a unique reconversion project, creating a concept that took into account the history of the original building and the future vision of Ypres itself and that of the property developer. Gloria means ‘glory’ or ‘famous bearer’ in Latin, and the project is a fitting tribute to the city of Ypres and the building’s original design.

Hooox developed a stylish marketing campaign for Gloria, in line with the project’s vision and architecture. We also created a brochure, website, e-shots and a Facebook campaign, all of which started to generate a large number of leads as soon as the project’s commercialisation began.

Discover the Gloria project

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