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SME property
with a background story

Hooox has grown to become the permanent partner of the SME property specialist BVI.BE. Our association once again demonstrates the value of long-term partnerships. Not only did we devise a new communications strategy for their projects across Flanders, we also helped BVI.BE to apply the power of digital media to a field where nobody expected it.

The challenge

Project developer BVI.BE is an expert in the field of property for SMEs, and we have been working together with them like a well-oiled machine on innovative B2B projects across Flanders for years. And the company also saw us as the perfect partner when it came to the conceptualisation and creation of their own communications strategy, with the objective being to raise BVI.BE’s marketing to the next level, creating more high-quality leads.

A finger on the pulse

There is a lot more to creative real estate marketing than simply designing an appealing website or brochure. That’s why we convinced BVI.BE to explore new territory, ranging from online advertising to storytelling on social media. We are also updating them continuously on new marketing trends, tools and insights, helping them to better anticipate our ever-evolving society. 

In concrete terms

The central point of focus in our approach is a long-term vision. This is coupled with a reasoned method, an unambiguous message and the right tools to bolster that message: from websites, brochures, 3D presentations and corporate identity through to online marketing or social media. BVI.BE’s active participation in the MAPIC international retail property market show also helped it to further its reach. Hooox gave it all the support it required at the trade fair.

The numbers tell the story

Our approach works – digital campaigns result in new leads being generated almost daily. A dash of marketing automation refined the contacts database so that the BVI.BE sales team can now focus on the freshest leads of the day in their decision-making process.

Since this change of tack BVI.BE has seen an increase of 46% in the number of high quality leads, while the conversion rate has likewise risen by 12%. That meant accelerated sales for projects such as those in Kontich and Beersel, with both of those already 100% sold-out in the first phase.

New visitors
High quality leads
Online conversion rate

A new culture

Since hooox became, to a large degree, the external marketing department of BVI.BE in 2017, marketing and communications have become essential components of the company. BVI.BE continues to develop, and through creative and innovative site containers, time-lapse videos and excellent 3D visualisations we are adding to their marketing narrative every day. Hooox constantly monitors the company’s image by means of regular and close consultations with the management team.

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