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Lead generation campaign for Sandweghe property development project

Generating high-quality leads quickly – that's what it's all about when selling residential projects such as Sandweghe. Hooox created an impressive campaign that focussed on three different target groups in order to stimulate the sale of the 70 apartments. 

Sandweghe is primarily aimed at young working couples, those whose children have left home and investors seeking property to rent out. After performing a comprehensive analysis, hooox created a lead generation campaign customised for three target groups.
These target groups were initially categorised according to their age: 

Target groups

Target groups

Border circle

A younger target group

between the ages of 25 and 34

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An older target group

between the ages of 54 and 65+

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between the ages of 35 and 54

A range of nuances

Advertising copy customised to each of the target groups was used, with the emphasis for the young target group on the fact that the project is a new development, the apartments are starter residences, smaller one-bedroom units are available and on the presence of Bringme Boxes for parcel deliveries.

The advertisements that were aimed at potential investors highlighted the attractive price tag and returns, the availability of good financing, the energy-efficiency of the apartments and the sustainable construction materials.


Meanwhile, for the older target group the focus was on the proximity of natural areas and cycling paths, the existing heating network, the fact that they were near-zero energy apartments and the many plusses in respect of mobility. 

Ready, set… and GO!

To be seen – that is the crux at the start of every online campaign. With the aid of display campaigns that employed banners and videos, we started off by engendering brand awareness and brand recognition on Facebook and Google.

Once the project had gained in brand recognition among the general public, we shifted the focus to SEA, which meant being found on Google. 



first months
website visitors

Learning and fine-tuning

We received a large quantity of data during the launch phase that we used to improve our focus. And great results were already achieved in the first three months of the campaign, with 10,000 online visitors and 136 leads.

It soon became clear that the older group should be our primary target, as they consistently provided the most clicks and conversions – a completed contact form. Estate agents confirmed that it is this segment that is most likely to actually purchase an apartment.

During the start-up phase we fine-tuned the campaign by redistributing the budgets, upping our focus on the older target group and creating a targeted remarketing campaign on Facebook and Google. 

Learning and fine-tuning

Remarketing campaigns

Once we had attracted a sufficient number of website visitors it also became easier to target those visitors through remarketing campaigns and new display banners. This meant that hesitant buyers were given reminders about the project.

Streamlined follow-ups 

We were able to use the availability module on the website to track which apartments were the most viewed by a given target group. We used that information to further refine the advertising copy in accordance with each group's preferences.

Thanks to the fact that we worked hand-in-hand with the estate agents who were active on location, we were able to quickly provide updates and news. This included information on, for example, the viewing day or an update when demolition started. 

The results!

Of the ultimate sales, 50 percent were generated through leads from Sandweghe.be,
which was linked to our lead generation campaign.

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