Can a corporate website
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In-depth partnership

Eaglestone approached hooox with what was then still a rather vague question. We gathered different stakeholders around the table and defined the goals, needs and possible solutions. In consultation with the client, we decided to group residential, investment and commercial property in a single website. In addition, we combined the corporate arm with the commercial one, transforming the website into both a calling card and a sales channel.

Strategic workshops

What look should the new website have? Together with a decision-maker from the management committee and Eaglestone’s marketing manager, hooox carried out a strategic exercise and design sprint across the website. With targeted questions, we analysed the corporate story and goals. Based on the input and research into the browsing behaviour of the target group, we presented an initial proposal for the design and structure.

About Page

In recent years, Eaglestone has positioned itself as one of the most active property players in Brussels and several Walloon cities: the perfect foundations for an attractive brand. Hooox and Eaglestone’s marketing manager developed the corporate identity in more detail. Afterwards we offered advice on how to communicate this identity convincingly. Read about the result on the about page.

About Page

Useful functionality

1/ A link to the CRM
The website was linked to a CRM package called Whise via an API. When Eaglestone makes a change in Whise, it is displayed in real time on the website. This is extremely useful for the availability module.

2/ Availability module
We developed an unbelievably comprehensive and user-friendly availability module. You can already set the desired filters before you see the projects. Once you land on a project page, the website remembers your filtered preferences. The buttons leading to the contact form ensure smooth lead generation.

3/ Leadgeneration via API
Thanks to the link with Whise, all leads from the website are immediately sent to  Whise. This enables representatives to respond flexibly and hold a focused sales conversation. In short: not just a website, but a lead generator!

4/ Let's not forget about the investors
Finally, using an underlying formula, hooox programmed a handy calculation tool in  Whise with which investors can quickly calculate their returns.

Le moment suprême

Thanks to the close collaboration with Eaglestone, we were able to react quickly and take the necessary decisions. We finished the design, filled the website with content and calls to action, and ensured that there was technical and content-based SEO. We presented the fully programmed website to Eaglestone’s management and… received unanimous approval.

Digital campaigns for more leads

The new website was announced in a newsletter and on LinkedIn. This proved to be a great idea: Eaglestone informed us that they saw a boost in leads. Moreover, the website was named Site of the Week by ProcessWire Weekly, a community around the open source CMS ProcessWire.

This is quite promising for digital campaigns because a new website is merely a first step on the digital road. To be continued!

"Design wise the Eaglestone website is a real home run: not only is it one of the most stunning sites we've come across recently and manages to capture currently popular design style perfectly, there's also a lot of fun and interesting interactivity; […] there's indeed a lot to like here."

Processwire Weekly

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