Which chat system should you choose?

When your website visitors are welcomed by a chat box, they have a feeling someone is listening to them. But do you really have to place a flesh-and-blood human on the other side of the screen to do this? We have listed the various options.

Box, bot and semi-automatic

If you want to start the conversation, you can choose between a chat box, a chatbot and a semi-automatic chat support system. What’s the difference?

You talk to a person in a live chat box. The chat box has fixed "opening hours". A chatbot recognizes sentence patterns and responds to them. So it looks like you are talking to a real person, but AI is actually at work. The bot asks you a question. Then the bot decides whether it can handle the conversation itself or should refer you to a real person.

The benefits of semi-automatic chat boxes

At hooox we prefer semi-automatic chat boxes.

2 major advantages:

1. You answer frequently asked questions automatically. For example: "What is the location of the project?", "What is the price of a 2-bedroom apartment?" or "When will the construction start?" This costs the visitor less effort than calling or filling in a contact form. They are therefore more inclined to ask for information.

2. What if the visitor asks a question that you haven’t programmed an answer for? The bot refers them to a real person who helps the prospect. Appoint someone to manage the chat box so your customers always get quick answers!

Why not (yet) a chatbot?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) already understands English perfectly, but hardly any Dutch or French. That is why a chatbot makes little sense at the moment. Most consumers still expect an answer to their question right away. That is why chatbots will soon make their appearance in Dutch-speaking and French-speaking areas as well.

Never lose an interested prospect again.

Ask your quote for a semi-automatic chat box!

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