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The Ivy & Miro

‘Can you help us by leading an imposing marketing and communication project in Bucharest?’ Didier Balcaen and Jan Demeyere asked us.

The dynamic Belgian duo is the driving force behind Speedwell, one of the most active players on the Romanian market. And the project most certainly was imposing: The Ivy is a residential development with 800 apartments. It’s located next to Miro, a modern, 23,000 m2 office development.

Strategy session

To understand the local market and get to know the team, hooox started with a multi-day strategy session in Bucharest. Our questions: 

  • What are the customs in this country?
  • Who is the (local) competition?
  • Which channels are the most efficient here?
  • What benefits from the project do we need to play upon?


What did we find out? In Romania, Facebook has been central to the marketing mix for a long time. The digital knowledge of the local consumer is also sometimes better than that of a Belgian consumer. When we designed the graphic style and the 3D interiors, we also found out that the tastes of the Romanian consumer are a little different. We travel to learn! 

After the strategic session, communication continued via video calls. hooox consulted with the business managers and the local marketing team almost every day, as well as with local brokers and architects.

We created attractive 3D visualisations, two functional websites with digital campaigns to capture leads, and classic brochures to support the sales discussions. 

It was quite the feat, but we are proud to have delivered the project within the deadline. Plus, thanks to Speedwell, we have discovered the charm of Bucharest and the potential of Romania. There will undoubtedly be many more interesting real-estate projects appearing here in the future.

“No one in Romania has as much expertise in real-estate marketing as hooox. But no one at hooox knew the local market. The collaboration was enriching and educational for both parties!”

– Didier Balcaen, Managing Partner Speedwell

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