Creating value is our mission,
our real estate expertise makes a difference

About us

You know what it’s all about – highlighting your property development to the right target group. And adding value is the essence of our job, because we succeed or fail together with your project. We are fellow travellers with your team, and we contribute creatively and enthusiastically from the very first project phase. And most importantly, we think beyond bricks and brochures alone.

  • Concept

    Creative support and professional advice, from the very first phase of your property development. We’re with you from the kick-off meeting to the communications strategy and the plan of action.

  • Campaign

    Storytelling as a common theme in your project communications, from branding, websites, 3D and printed material to advertisements, drone and other photographs, videos, social media and virtual reality.

  • Conversion

    We ensure that your project receives all the attention it deserves, both online and offline. Put your faith in a proven track record in real estate marketing with concrete results.


    Hooox provides an integrated approach. We will guide you through the communication hurdles for your project, from A to Z. We’ll take it from your vision to the story, from lead-generation to lead-nurturing, and we’ll always have a reasoned and creative battle plan at hand.

    An open attitude

    We want to be a source of inspiration for our partners, which is why we don’t only focus on property. An intense partnership with consultants, strategists, creative partners and freelancers means we are always up to date on developments in other sectors too.


    Because we innovate with ideas and technology we ensure that the real estate sector does not lag behind and that it changes as the world of today does – always according to both your needs and the needs of your clients.


    Innovation is bottom-up, which is why we believe that human development is so important. This means our team has the opportunity to continue growing through training courses.


    We are thinkers and doers. Our creative team will handle all the communication for your project – positioning, branding, 3D modelling, online and offline communication, printing, media strategy, public relations and social media… you name it, we do it!


    Hooox has over ten years of experience in marketing and communications for companies and organisations in the Belgian real estate sector. Aside from our wide expertise in design, content and development, the fact that we are bilingual is an added benefit.

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