Hooox didn’t see the light of day in a garage but from a loft with a nice view. A fitting way to keep a good overview of the real estate market.

During its first years hooox rapidly expanded into three very diverse sectors: interactive applications for the cultural sector, TV ads for the ad guys and 3D images for architects. Soon the time came to make a choice and define a clear strategy: real estate communication.

At the end of 2008 management decided to focus exclusively on the real estate sector. The emphasis: guiding real estate developers in all their communication needs.

During the first few years hooox laid the groundwork of its production by attracting diverse talent from the worlds of graphic design, web development, 3D specialists and general creatives. Currently at our team’s headquarters in Ghent there are about ten employees and an array of freelancers with whom we often work together.

Furthermore, hooox developed an ecosystem with various companies with whom we have different long term commitments:

  • Our 3D modeling is mostly realised in Bulgaria
  • Since 2014 we have a partnership with ZiggZagg for the production of scale models using 3D printing
  • Collaborations with expert journalists, trade fairs (MIPIM & Realty), copywriters,sector organisations and federations

Hooox is now the Belgian market leader in real estate communication and has been in charge of the communication process for around 100 real estate projects in Belgium and abroad. We count 80% of the TOP 100 Belgian developers as recurring clients.


hooox has grown to become the expert reference for real estate communication in Belgium. By continuously investing in innovative marketing techniques we strive to help our clients communicate better and more efficiently.

We need to understand all aspects of real estate in order to quickly respond to new challenges. A few of the assignments we undertook which are a little less straightforward:

  1. Defining and guiding the communication process during a Public Private Partnership
  2. Setting up feedback and dialogue events for project suffering from the NIMBY syndrome
  3. Revitalising projects with slow sales
  4. Advising listed real estate companies with regards to their communication strategy at the level of the board of directors

Our growth depens on two factors: collaboration and targeted innovation.

We believe in collaboration and the exchange of knowledge. This is why we have been working on the creation of an ecosystem of companies with whom we have long term partnership agreements. Together we can more actively detect market evolutions and spot new opportunities. This is why we continuously invest in formation and courses for our people.

Each year in the context of hooox innovation platform we define a few specific items which we consider to be of interest to be implemented in real estate communication:

In 2013 we realized a large scale study regarding the use of social media in real estate.
In 2014 we conducted a technical study to improve the output of our 3D models. From a single 3D model we can now create three different outputs: visualisations, 3D printing of scale models and Virtual Reality applications (on tablets or using special glasses).


Mathieu Van Marcke is the co-founder and CEO of the company. At the turn of the century he was bitten by the 3D virus when he was active for a venture capital fund in the United States (Boston). It was during that job that he followed up on various participations regarding videogaming. Later he learned how to successfully build an organisation when he was in charge of the Flemisch activities for a French engineering company. Moreover, he got a taste of the entrepreneurial spirit at online companies such as Bobex.

Mathieu is a Master in Business Engineering (Solvay Business School) and also holds a Master title from the Vlerick Business School. Nothing could have predicted him one day leading a communication company except perhaps his thirst for entrepreneurship and leadership.

Management is strengthened with an external Board of Directors consisting of:

  • Jean Van Marcke: reputable entrepreneur, banker and advisor on many boards
  • Cédrick Donck: serial entrepreneur in the worl of communication, excellent coach for entrepreneurs and professor at the Solvay Business School
  • Olivier Carette: managing director of the professional organization for the real estate sector UPSI-BVS and observer/advisor within the board regarding real estate

Ken Lawrence has been at hooox for 10 years now. Initially as Sales & Planning Manager and Project Manager and currently as Senior Marketing Advisor where he assists various clients with their marketing and communication efforts, both at a corporate and project level.

After graduating as a Master in Applied Economics at the University of Antwerp, his passion for all things audiovisual led him to pursue an additional Master in Film Studies and Visual Culture.

The combination led him to Hooox where Ken helps companies efficiently achieve their marketing goals. Moreover, he consistently stays up to date on everything related to marketing strategy and digital communication.

After a successful first collaboration for MIPIM 2014 Guillaume Vyncke has decided to join the hooox team.

He brings new insights and ideas to hooox from his decade of experience in marketing and communication at international groups (Accor Hotels) and renomated agencies (Shake, Havas). Guillaume joins the business development and account management team. He is perfectly bilingual and from the city of Ghent.